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Some charities, NGOs, politicians, employers, and business leaders seem to think it doesn’t ‘really matter’ or is just part of ‘doing business’. We think they’re wrong – and we know that our supporters feel the same way. So let’s ‘Speak Out’ and tell them just how strongly we all feel!

Send us a short ‘Speak Out’ statement (no more than 50 words please – the people we’re trying to reach won’t read an essay!). Please try to include the words ‘wildlife crime’ or ‘wildlife criminal’. While a signature and a title will have more impact we will post anonymous statements (our confidentiality policy is detailed here). We will not post anything defamatory, unsubstantiated, obscene, targeted at a specific individual, or clearly untrue. Other than that – let’s have at it!

  • Email your ‘Speak Out’ statement to us or leave a comment below and we’ll add it to the ‘Speak Out’ wall.
  • We will also add your statement to a dynamic PowerPoint Presentation for use at conferences, displays, fairs, and talks etc.


The ‘We’re Speaking Out Against Wildlife Crime’ wall!
“Wildlife crime takes place everywhere
and in too many places it’s seen as just part of ‘doing business’.
We’re going to change that”
“Only together can we STOP wildlife crime. We’ll give you the tools to protect your local wildlife and show criminals you’re ‘Wildlife Crime Aware‘”
Birders Against Wildlife Crime, Dec 2014, Dec 2014
“I am sick to death of people getting away with breaking the law whether it be politicians twisting facts to justify a cheap solution to an endemic disease, hunts continuing to hunt (and being covertly supported by politicians), or raptors being killed to stop them killing something a human wants to kill.”
“Wildlife crime is a crime against the future. Your future, our future and the future of all those who come after us. As such it it a ‘capital’ crime as it is always premeditated, its effects manifest and countenanced, and its consequences mainly irreparable”.
Ernie Scales, Dec 2014
David Conlin, Dec 2014
“Wildlife crime is the hidden shame of our country. When wildlife criminals are caught the sentence is too light and is no deterrent. All wildlife crime should carry a mandatory prison sentence of at least 6 months. The police and the CPS must do more to bring justice to bear on these criminals.”
“I am appalled at the amount of wildlife crime committed in the UK by gamekeepers and others in the shooting fraternity. Shot or poisoned raptors leave me upset and depressed. That’s why I am an ardent supporter of BAWC and the RSPB.”
Alison Cowie, Dec 2014
John Headon, Dec 2014
“I live in Derbyshire where perfect habitat for Goshawks exists but have not seen one for many years. This is due to merciless persecution by gamekeepers on grouse moors. This both saddens and angers me. The First Minister for Scotland is removing subsidies for grouse shooting. I hope I live to see England follow suit.”
“People who are convicted of wildlife crime are given far too light sentences. This means the deterrent is minimal. Prison sentences should be given in many more occasions. Then these criminals may think twice about their actions.”
David Sommerville, Dec 2014
Alan Warford, Dec 2014
“Wildlife crime is not perpetrated by merely individuals. It is also committed by those poisoning the land with chemicals, removing hedges and habitats. There is the badger cull, hunts still operating, too much land being built on. All legal. All should be classed as crimes.”
“We, the Birders Against Wildlife Crime, are the true friends and guardians of Nature. Together we can make persecution of our wildlife a thing of the past, where it belongs. It’s time to stop the rot and lead the way forward.”
Jayne Mosedale, Dec 2014
Ross Mason, Dec 2014
“As a vet running my own practice and animal friend I am disgusted with all the crimes against wildlife! They need to be protected immediately before they are gone forever! So everybody should stand up and speak for these threatened animals! BLOODY SHAME !!”
“Wildlife crime has become the scourge of humanity from our birds & elephants to our oceans. I urge all governments to act NOW. WE ARE NOT THE ONLY SPECIES ON THIS PLANET.”
Birgit Caminada, Dec 2014
Peter Burton, Dec 2014
“Wildlife Crime is part of our daily consciousness now. Yesteryear there wasn’t this online network and public awareness. We are now seeing the entrenched and illegal activities of the shooting lobby laid bare. #weeseeyou and you wont get away with it forever!”
“We have borrowed the land from our grandchildren, and yet we arrogantly destroy wildlife and habitats without a thought of the future. A woodland walk without birdsong, a moor without birds; why do people destroy what we all love? Breaking the law is wrong, destroying the future unspeakable.”
Jonny Rankin, Dec 2014
Mark Wilson, Dec 2014
“Our wildlife has as much right as us to be here. Time has come to work with it, consider it part of whatever is being planned or already here. Wildlife crime is disgusting and needs tougher deterrents, laws need strengthening as wildlife is just as important as people.”
“Our wildlife is in dramatic decline. We can no longer afford to allow our wildlife to be killed illegally for profit or entertainment. Wildlife crime should be treated as a serious crime and punished accordingly. Green issues are now a major voting issue for the next election.”
Chris Hubbard, Dec 2014
John Dunn, Dec 2014
“I’m fed up of looking in the sky and just seeing Pigeons and Crows! I want to see Birds Of Prey too! Our Laws are too weak and we let people get away with murder. I want to see people who commit a crime punished so they never do it again!”
“It’s time for ordinary people to stand up to those who are cheating us out of our wildlife, countryside, and future. I dislike cheats and those who go beyond the law are cheating every time they do so. I want to be a resource to redress the balance.”
Stacey Gorman, Dec 2014
Paul Bray, Dec 2014
“The increased public support and awareness is heartening when dealing with the sharp end of raptor persecution on a daily basis. The killing must stop.”
“The policy of the Hawk and Owl Trust is to utterly condemn anyone harming birds of prey.”
Mark Thomas, RSPB Investigations, Dec 2014
Lin Murray, Hawk and Owl Trust, Dec 2014
“Punishment for Wildlife Crime has to become more severe to deter these barbaric acts and save our Wildlife. The persecution of our majestic Birds Of Prey must come to an end.”
I had thought that the problem had decreased over the years but it seems that the type of wildlife crime has changed with increasing pressure on wildlife coming from profit and commercial pressures. It’s time businesses learnt to work with the environment. Most do; the rest need to follow suit.”
Stuart Pike, Dec 2014
Bob Philpott, Dec 2014


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