Raptor tags – update

The raptors we tagged under licence last year (thanks to your support) are doing well. The BAWC funded study continues to gather data and so far there have been no real surprises. The attached map shows an example of the movements of one of them during April/May 2018. This bird has paired up and has an active breeding attempt underway in a small valley on a moorland edge. As you can see from the map this bird rarely records any fixes outside a very small area (approximately 1km2) which is very typical behaviour for a bird at this stage of a breeding attempt.

Interestingly, in early April the bird did record a few fixes away from the site, and on one occasion it flew 10km NNE and returned, the second trip away (also in early April) was when it flew 28km south and returned. These movements are interesting behaviour prior to breeding, but are not suspicious. These kind of data help scientists learn more about the movements of these species.

Obviously for security reasons we are not yet publicising the species we tagged nor their locations. Thanks again, to all BAWC supporters who donated to this project. Without your support and generosity this project would not have been possible. We will try to provide further updates as the season progresses.

Map showing the kind of data that our satellite tagged birds are providing. The location information has been removed to protect the bird and the site.