Hen Harrier shooting on Cabrach Estate

Those of you that follow the ongoing travesty of wildlife crime here in the UK will be aware that the Victorian practice of birds of prey persecution is as prevalent today as it was 100 years ago. Indeed, it is the raison d’etre for the existence of BAWC. In many ways there should be no reason for BAWC to exist, on the otherhand never has the BAWC community been so needed. Last week the news broke that a case of Hen Harrier persecution had been dropped by the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS). An active nest of a breeding pair of Hen Harriers was being monitored by licenced RSPB Scotland staff using the standard technique of a remote hidden camera. Such cameras are used to monitor the breeding success of a wide-range of species, including passerines, waders and raptors. As widely reported, this particular case captured footage of a female Hen Harrier flushed from the nest and the sound of two gunshots followed by a ‘puff’ of feathers a split second later. A man carrying a shotgun is then seen holding what appears to be a dead hen harrier and then makes his way to the nest site and collects a number of feathers. Details of the event can be read on the RSPB Scotland website.

It defies belief that any rational person could argue that the video footage does not clearly show a wildlife crime. That the legal authorities have decide not to proceed with case stating that the video evidence is inadmissible seems a rather bizarre stance to take given the wide use of such evidence in a range of other crimes. Why should wildlife crime be treated any differently?

As always Raptor Persecution UK have posted a series of excellent blogs on this latest incident of wildlife crime. See here, here, here and here. Included in these blogs are some ideas on what you can do to show your disgust at the decision not to proceed with this case. If you live in Scotland, we would urge you to contact your MSP (find out who yours is here) and ask him/her to contact the Scottish Government’s Justice Minister, Michael Matheson to complain on your behalf about the handling of this case. The more MSPs that see this video footage, and hear about the public’s serious concerns, the better. For those of you that live outside of Scotland then please email the Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee, Margaret Mitchell MSP (Scottish Conservatives). Email: margaret.mitchell.msp@parliament.scot (thanks to RPUK for these links).

Of you are on social media then please share this news on Facebook and Twitter. The more people hear about these appalling wildlife crimes that are happening here in the UK the greater the desire for change. This is another example of a case that hasn’t resulted in a prosecution or conviction, but we will win in the end. All BAWC supporters can play their part, remember the 3Rs: Recognise, Record, Report.

And finally: RSPB Investigations, keep up the great work, we all appreciate your fantastic efforts to protect our magnificent birds of prey.

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