Henry Day One

Meet Henry.

Henry is struggling to find a mate and settle down to raise a family.

That’s because most of his potential girlfriends are illegally killed – and if he does find a partner and they try to nest on a moor managed for driven grouse shooting the chances are they won’t be successful.

Henry and his kind are among the most illegally persecuted birds in Britain.

In 2013 no Hen Harriers bred successfully in England – for the first time since the 1960s when laws were brought in to protect them. In 2014 just a handful of Hen Harriers managed to breed in England – even though experts say that there is more than enough good habitat for many more pairs!

This makes Henry very sad – and very lonely! But Henry’s a brave young bird, and a determined one too.

And he knows that more and more of us care what happens to him.

So he is flying around the British Isles in search of a significant other and letting everyone know about the dangers he faces.

Henry is looking particularly downcast today. He's visiting a National Nature Reserve. It’s part of a very well-known estate. This site should be perfect for Hen Harriers. But it isn’t. Find out why later this week…

And we’re helping him post daily updates on these websites:

Henry also has his own twitter account @HenryHenHarrier and he’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to spread the word about Henry on Twitter please use #HaveYouSeenHenry so we can all see what you’re doing to support Henry and all the other lonely Hen Harriers out there…

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Henry and friends at the ‘Eyes in the Field‘ wildlife crime conference, March 2015


So why are we doing this?

It’s sometimes easy to forget that while many of us who are interested in birds and wildlife crime know exactly what a Hen Harrier is, the vast majority of the public have never even heard of a harrier let alone know what’s been happening to them.

So – as part of our ongoing work to highlight illegal persecution – we want to take Henry (and therefore Hen Harriers) ‘mainstream’!

We will accompany Henry on a tour and photograph our lonely male in different locations all over the British Isles (see the galleries below). Some photos will be serious, some will be more light-hearted – but as they build we hope you’ll enjoy them and understand much more what we’re trying to do.

And of course we’ll be handing out specially-written information flyers [flyers in prep] as we go, explaining why we’re there and what we’re doing.

And judging by how fascinated kids and their parents were on Henry’s introductory day out we are going to have quite an impact!

If you’d like to help please download the flyers and give them out yourself. Come and meet Henry. If you can help us with planning a day out somewhere please let us know.


And if you see or hear about any crimes against Hen Harriers please let the police know (on 101) and/or call the RSPB Investigations Team immediately on 01767 680551 (England) or 0131 317410 (Scotland) – they need our help to Recognise, Record, and Report wildlife crime and your call will always be treated seriously.



Have You Seen Henry

Have you seen Henry? Many serious birders don’t see Hen Harriers very often anymore, and most people certainly haven’t seen Henry yet!

But one day Henry will meet you…and we’ll be there to explain the ongoing illegal persecution that has meant the Hen Harrier is all but wiped out as a breeding bird in England.

In the meantime, here are some galleries of Henry out and about …click on any of the images to open up a Lightbox with captions


  • Henry in Derbyshire: March 2015


  • Henry calls the RSPB Hotline: April 2015


    • Henry in Wiltshire: April 2015


    • Henry in Norfolk: April 2015


    As this page develops we will add more and more information to it. We’re not going to say who Henry really is (we don’t want to turn ourselves into targets, too, eh) – let’s just say there’s a whole team of ‘Henrys’ at work on this project and with your help we can highlight the illegal persecution this supposedly highly-protected bird is suffering from!


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