BAWC is a volunteer group that is acting on behalf of a community of like-minded individuals, not just birders, but anyone who agrees with our aims. Mostly the campaign and projects have been funded ourselves, but as we have grown that is no longer possible. With the annual Hen Harrier Days, a conference and attendance at events such as Birdfair costs soon mount up. In addition we are collecting funds for fieldwork such as the satellite tagging project, and we are looking trying to get as many as our “Three Rs” leaflet into as many birds hides as possible. Donations are essential to keep BAWC flying!

So how will donations be spent?

We can’t say exactly what we will spend donations on because we don’t always know, but we can guarantee that it won’t be on jollies, new cars (or old ones), meals out, flash suits, meetings in golf resorts, or ‘accessories’ for an office we don’t have. We know everyone who does this sort of thing says this, but we care deeply about what we’re doing and we will treat all donations with the care and respect they deserve. They will only be used to further our work: helping all of us help tackle wildlife crime.

Can we thank you for your donation?

We’d like to thank anyone who donates £5.00 or more by offering them a BAWC badge – a shiny metal piece of loveliness that ably demonstrates your intolerance of wildlife crime and wildlife criminals to anyone prepared to look quite hard at your lapel!
Now what?

We take donations/payments through PayPal. You can use credit/debit cards etc (you don’t need to have your own PayPal account), and while there is a small charge taken from the donation by PayPal the money does go straight into BAWC’s bank account (which is at HSBC in Leeds).

If you’d like to help us, please just click on the Donate button on the right hand side of this page and PayPal will do the rest.

Thank you for supporting us.