1. Kirsten Brown
    January 20, 2016

    “Poached” is now available to download or stream on iTunes, VUDU, Google and Amazon.

    After premiering at SXSW 2015, “Poached” won several wildlife film awards and has been supported by many Audubon chapters and other bird-related organizations. We especially need your help to get the word out now because it’s an independent documentary fueled by passion rather than studio funding. The only way people will find it is through word of mouth and social media.

    “Poached” is an unusual story about people in Britain who are obsessed with collecting wild bird eggs, something that once was encouraged as a boyhood hobby for nature lovers and now is seen as a highly destructive crime. The film explores the line between passion and obsession, and will get you thinking about our relationship with nature and all of the things we do today that harm nature that we don’t even think about. It’s also ultimately a hopeful redemption story.

    If you have a chance, please check out “Poached” on iTunes. If you appreciate the film, the storytelling and the impact, please leave a rating and review, because the early reviews make a big difference in helping people discover the film. Forward this to anyone who likes documentaries, nature or birds, or anything British, and they will appreciate it.

    Thank you for helping! Here’s an easy link to find the film on iTunes: http://bit.ly/poached-itunes.

    Kirsten Brown

  2. Elliot Montieth
    January 12, 2016

    to help raise money for BAWC, as your doing such a brilliant job at raising awareness of the problems that our Hen Harriers are facing. I was thinking about organising a charity Bird Race for the whole of Wirral & Cheshire to help raise funds for any projects which you’d like to carry out in the future to assist Hen Harriers.

    My idea was that it would be a weekend event which would take place sometime this autumn (October Half Term?). To raise the money each team, made up of 5 birders, would have to submit a entrance fee of £25, £5PP. Considering the sheer number of Birders in Cheshire including the likes of Allan Conlin, Steve Williams, Frank Duff, Colin Wells, Findlay Wilde, Bill Morton and myself, a lot of money will be raised!

    I’ve spoken to the Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society and there fully up to it and would love it to take place.

    If you would like the “BAWC Wirral & Cheshire Bird Race 2016” to take place then please get in touch.


    Elliot Montieth

  3. Dennis Ames
    July 8, 2015

    Please note my wife and myself will attend the Hen Harrier event in the Peak District.

  4. Lorraine Miller
    May 20, 2015

    Hi, we made a donation of £20 on Saturday via a credit card and wanted 4 Hen Harrier Day badges as we will be attending this event. We couldn’t see anywhere to request the badges though. Please can you confirm that you have received our request.
    Lorraine, Paul, Evie and Abby Miller

    • Phil Walton
      May 20, 2015

      Hi Lorraine – Phil here. Yes we did receive your donation, thanks! Sorry for not responding, but when I tried to reply and ask which badges you wanted, your e-mail address was rejected for some reason. Anyway, we’re in touch now… Great to hear all your family will be supporting Hen Harrier Day. Four logo badges will be in the post to you later today.

  5. Rodney Hale
    January 20, 2015

    Dear BAWC

    Please support our petition for Protected Species status for the mountain hare to remedy the unregulated persecution which has continued unabated since it was first flagged up by retired police officer Neil Macdonald nine years ago. This has resulted in the mountain hare becoming rare or extinct in areas where it was previously abundant. This contravenes the statutory obligation placed upon the Scottish Government under the terms of the EC Habitats Directive to maintain the mountain hare at a favourable conservation status.


    Many thanks,

    Rodney Hale

    Chairman South-West Action For Hares (SWAFH)

  6. Charlie Pass
    January 20, 2015


    I co-ordinate a wildlife welfare education charity based in the North West.

    The charities roots are wildlife welfare and rehabilitation and we have seen many wildlife crime related incidents through the years of rescue and rehabilitation.

    I also raise awareness of wildlife welfare through education sessions.

    The charities website has a ‘wildlife focus’ page and i would like to ask if you are happy for me to provide a link to your website on our partners / links page and on our wildlife focus page?

    Many thanks

    Charlie Pass

  7. James Fair
    November 13, 2014

    Hi there

    I’m the environment editor at BBC Wildlife Magazine, and I’d like to speak to someone at BAWC about:

    – Attending your conference next March (I think it is) on wildlife crime;
    – A feature I’d like to propose for the magazine looking at wildlife (bird) crime in the UK, and the work BAWC is doing.

    Could you send me phone and/or email of best person to contact? No great rush, it’s just something I want to start thinking about.

    All the best

    James Fair


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