Tackling wildlife crime is not easy and we understand the fear and intimidation that sometimes comes with challenging powerful interest groups and criminals. If you do contact us – for any reason – we will always respect your privacy and we will never publish or pass on your personal details without your permission (confirmed in writing).

We are also willing to publish ‘guest posts’ or statements anonymously. This will be at a writer’s request, and we agree to do so only if all of the following five conditions are met:

  1. We know who the writer is (ie we will not publish anonymously submitted material, but will protect an author’s right to anonymity)
  2. If using your name may be damaging to you – eg it might compromise your employment or put you in personal danger
  3. That we have the right to edit the submitted material
  4. That the material – of course – contains or proposes nothing illegal, defamatory, or obscene
  5. The material is about wildlife crime, or exposes attempts to limit an individual, group, or organisation’s ability to tackle wildlife crime

Birders Against Wildlife Crime, updated Dec 2014

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