Where Do You Stand?

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WHERE DO YOU STAND ON THIS? In February, our friends at Rare Bird Alert tweeted this, rather prophetic quote from our Charlie Moores: “The rhetoric around Hen Harriers…is often inflammatory, but that’s hardly surprising. People like me, who love birds, hate seeing crimes committed against them. Conservationists are often described as being “at war” with […]

No Ifs, No Butts…

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A Very Busy Day For Our Friends

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Yesterday was a very busy day for our friends from the RSPB in the north.  They were responding to Sir Ian Botham’s criticism of the organisation over their response to the Bowland Three. First up, Jeff Knott gave a robust defence of the RSPB’s stance on BBC Radio Lancashire.  He also explained clearly what is happening […]

How To Help – How To Help – How To Help – How To Help (Ad Infinitum)

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That’s Chris Packham’s opinion – and ours too! We are in this for the long haul – and we hope you will stay with us. Now more than ever we need to plan carefully how we, through Birders Against Wildlife Crime, are going to support everyone who cares about our wildlife and empower them to do something about […]

BAWC Position Statement

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BAWC Position Statement

There’s been a lot of debate around Martin Harper’s blog (The RSPB and shooting: separating fact from fiction (2) – 29/03/2015) about the shooting industry, and whilst we have not commented on the detail, we have been asked to clarify our position. Our remit has always – and will always be – tackling wildlife crime. […]

BAWC responds to comments by ‘Modern Gamekeeping’ Magazine

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4 March 2015 In the March 2015 edition of Modern Gamekeeping, the “Predator” column commented on the general objectives of the campaign group Birders Against Wildlife Crime (BAWC), and the specific purpose behind the “Eyes In The Field” Wildlife Crime Conference. BAWC has responded to the comments as follows: Modern Gamekeeping expresses concerns about the police […]

Guest Blog: Record Sentence For Serval Poaching In Malawi

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Kovu the serval Record Sentence For Serval Poaching In Malawi: Africa’s vast collection of biodiversity and wildlife has suffered colossally in recent years at the hands of wildlife criminals. Elephants have already been driven to extinction in countries like Sierra Leone and Senegal, and if poaching continues at current rates there will be no elephants […]

Hen Harrier Brood Management: our position

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Most people interested in Hen Harriers and wildlife crime can’t fail to have noticed that Mark Avery and Philip Merricks (recently-appointed chair of The Hawk and Owl Trust) have between them ignited a passionate discussion about ‘brood management’ on Mark’s must-read blog. Our position on Hen Harrier brood management has been laid out several times […]

Hen Harrier Day 2015 – initial thoughts

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Christmas and New Year is over (sadly, finally, whatever…please insert your own word) – and it’s time to get our activists heads back on and get organising again. Which means our thoughts are turning once again to Hen Harrier Day (HH Day), a celebration of one of our most iconic birds of prey and a […]

Guest Blog from Nick Moran, BTO: How Birdtrack can help bring wildlife criminals to justice

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I’m not sure about you, but I certainly haven’t seen many Parrot Crossbills. In fact, until the influx of autumn 2013, I hadn’t (knowingly) seen any Parrot Crossbills! Hence the following March I decided to give myself the ‘birthday treat’ of a day off in search of the flock that had been frequenting Edgefield Woods […]

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