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When you make a donation to BAWC, using the PayPal button at the right of this page. we not only send you a metal lapel badge, but you can be sure that your funds will be spent on the campaign represented by the badge that you choose.

Take our new Hen Harrier Day Logo Badge, on the right of the picture at the top of this page.  We’ve nicknamed it “Henry” and all proceeds will be used to help @HenryHenHarrier highlight the plight of his species in the UK.

Henry and ChrisThe Hen Harrier Day Logo badge is available for a minimum donation of £5.00.  From that donation we pay for the cost of the badge, postage and packing, and Paypal charges.  That leaves us with £2.77 for @HenryHenHarrier’s campaign.

As Henry flies round the country, looking for a mate, he will be making stops at various significant locations.  Donate a minimum of £5 for a “Henry” and at least £2.77 will be used to pay for flyers to explain what @HenryHenHarrier is all about.  Or the funds will be used to buy mippit sandwiches to fuel his travels (yeah, alright, petrol).

You can get directly involved in the campaign too.  Whilst merely wearing the badge demonstrates your concern for the Hen Harrier, you can also take a selfie of you and your badge.  It doesn’t have to have moorland in the background, but that will heighten the effect.  Post the selfie to Facebook, or tweet it to @HenryHenHarrier, adding the hashtag #HaveYouSeenHenry, and commenting “The only Hen Harrier I’ve seen today”

mark with badgeThe BAWC Logo Badge, on the left of the picture at the top of the page, is also available for a minimum donation of £5.00 from which we get a net £2.77.  When you donate and ask for a BAWC Logo badge, your funds will be used on our 3 Rs campaign.  Echoing Chris Packham’s call at #BAWC15 to “empower people who care about wildlife to do something about wildlife crime” our 3 Rs campaign seeks to help people to Recognise, Record and Report wildlife crime.  It is central to everything we do.

Donate a minimum of £5 for a BAWC Logo badge and at least £2.77 will be used to pay for leaflets that can be placed in hides and visitor centres.  The 3 Rs leaflets will contain information on how to Recognise a wildlife crime, what to Record and who to Report it to, together with a handy Report Form to fill in.

Again you can get directly involved with the campaign.  Not only does wearing our logo show that you are “watching out for wildlife” but you can also let us know where you would like to see our leaflets.  We’d also love to see selfies of you wearing the badge “in the field”.

Please donate, using the PayPal button on the right of this page.  Remember to specify which badge, or badges you want by clicking on “add special instructions to recipient”.

If you have any selfies you’d like us to see, suggestions you’d like to make or questions you’d like to ask, just e-mail me at phil@birdersagainst.org


  1. Chris L
    December 25, 2014

    Hi Charlie,
    Nah.. I’ll use paypal and save you the bother.. thanks for getting back to me.
    Hope you are having/had a great Christmas, and all the best for the future of BAWC.
    Cheers, Chris

  2. admin
    December 23, 2014

    Hi Chris. We use PayPal as it’s safe and it’s far too costly for us to even consider signing up to take credit cards. However, if you’d prefer to make a bank transfer please email the address given in the text above and I’ll send you the details. All the best. Charlie

  3. Chris L
    December 20, 2014

    Is there not another method of payment? I prefer not to use paypal. Thanks.


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