About BAWC

Birders Against Wildlife Crime (BAWC) is an independent, volunteer-led, campaign group set up in 2014 by a group of experienced birders and conservationists who just like you are sick of the number of crimes being committed against wildlife.

Our aim is to fight back, by 1) making the processes of Recognising, Recording, and Reporting wildlife crime as easy as possible (an initiative we term ‘the Three Rs’), 2) putting ‘eyes in the field’ and 3) highlighting how much wildlife crime takes place and what ‘the public’ really think about it.

By doing so we want to demonstrate that:

  • any of us can tackle wildlife crime – we often already have the tools (like good optics and camera phones), we just need more information and more support;
  • that wildlife crime is taking place all around us – it’s not confined to ‘hotspots’ or certain areas, it’s happening in our neighbourhood too;
  • and that the laws that protect our wildlife are constantly under threat and need protecting as much as our wildlife does.

It’s also a fact that in some ‘countryside sectors’ wildlife crime is barely thought of as a crime at all, just something that is part of doing business. To address that we need to promote a cultural change through public pressure, similar to how drink-driving has gone from being considered almost the norm amongst some men thirty years ago but is no now longer considered ‘acceptable’ in any way whatsoever.

BAWC are volunteers...

BAWC is made possible by a group of volunteers who give their time, energy and often much more. These include Paul Bray, Bob Hook, Lawrie Phipps, Jon Thurnell-Read, Rob Sheldon and Phil Walton. As well as a fantastic support network that enable such events as our "Eyes in the Field Conference" and Hen Harrier Day. 

We are an inclusive group, and are always looking for people to help us, as long as you agree with our aims of course.